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SOLA Run n` Chill

Thanks for running with us!

The viRACE that connects

The gastronomy, culture and event industry see light at the end of the tunnel. We’re taking that as an opportunity for our SOLA alternative program form June 4-6. Local music bands will cheer you on during the virtual race. Afterwards, you can stop in with your team at one of our gastro partners: #SupportYourLocals and an ideal preparation for the postponed SOLA Basel on October 23 – We wish you lots of fun and good appetite!

There are 5 kilometers to cover. Timing and course tracking will be done directly via the viRACE app. You may set off together as a team! Please keep to the maximum group size for outdoor events. So go for it! Make your friends aware of the SOLA Run n’ Chill right away!

Rock – Funk – Rap & More

We are proud to present you a diverse team of artists from the region who will drive you forward during the run: the SOLA Basel Music Stars! During the run, the musicians from the region will motivate you with their songs and personal messages directly via the viRACE app on your smartphone. From loud rock to groovy funk to experimental rap, everything is at the start. Among others, SOLA viRACE will feature: La Nefera – Custard Pie – live/wire! And for the team dinner and to get you in the mood for the SOLA weekend, we’ve put together a playlist with our favorites: Listen to it here!

<iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/6ODnKUQlWclUl7dhcdXR7T" width="3000" height="285" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

The SOLA weekend from 4-6 June

Day program “Run”
Mastering the 5-kilometer run together as a team

Evening program “Chill”
Eat pizza together (see offers & specials below) to selected music by artists from the region (SOLA Basel Playlist).

1. Download the viRACE app:
2. Register in advance for the “SOLA Basel” from Fri 4 – Sun 6 June.
3. Save team name in the settings and select favorites/friends on the start list.
4. Start your run anytime between the 3 days.

Team ranking: Save your team name in your profile in the viRACE app: Settings > Profile > Team [enter team name] > Save. Pay attention to the exact same spelling. Based on this we will create a team ranking with the average time of all team members. Teams with 5 or more runners will be considered for the ranking.

Important: Charge the battery of the smartphone before and and switch on the sound. More information about the viRACE app can be found here.

Offers for your team meal & specials for all finishers

Thanks to our sponsors and great partnerships, we can offer you attractive offers and specials for a successful SOLA weekend. We wish you a lot of fun!

Heavenly Pizza

Thanks to DIO/MIO, all finishers will receive a 50% discount on an original Napoletan pizza! Mamma Mia! You can redeem the offer by showing the viRACE app with a completed SOLA run from June 4-6 at Theaterstrasse 10 in Basel.

Treat yourself

We are giving away 10 gift cards of 25 Swiss francs to all finishers, valid in all Wyniger establishments. So go ahead and reserve a table at TeufelhofRestaurant 1777Taverne Johann or Ufer7!


Whether on the road, trekking, camping or in the garden: The recyclable light cubes of our sponsor IWB are versatile. All finishers have the chance to win one of 5 IWB solar light cubes!

Equipped for the Running Season

SportXX rewards all finishers of our viRACE with a voucher in the amount of CHF 20. The online voucher is valid from a purchase of CHF 40 and can only be redeemed online. Learn more about the SportXX running series.