Route Information

The SOLA Basel relay race with a total of 80 kilometres is divided into 10 stages of 4.3 to 12.3 kilometres each. The 5h SOLA Basel will take place on 21 May 2022.  Closing date for registration is 24 April 2022. Start and finish area is located at ‘Park im Grünen’ in Münchenstein.

Track marking: The track marking consists of barrier tabes and flags. Critical areas are marked with special warning singns and volunteers are also placed there.

Refreshment posts: At the start, at all transition zones and at the finish, Isostar sports drinks are served. Water and sponges are also available. On routes 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 are drink and water points.

The run takes you past many places of interest: Roche Tower, Basel Art Museum, Ermitage Arlesheim, Gempen, old part of Liestal, Wildenstein castle and Wartenberg. The varied stages of the run cover
4 cantons: Basel-City, Basel-Country, Solothurn and Aargau
2 cities: Basel and Liestal
20 municipalities: Arlesheim, Augst, Basel, Birsfelden, Bubendorf, Büren, Dornach, Füllinsdorf, Gempen, Hölstein, Kaiseraugst, Lampenberg, Lausen, Liestal, Münchenstein, Muttenz, Nuglar-St.Pantaleon, Pratteln, Ramlinsburg und Seltisberg.
as well as 5 rivers: Rhine, Birs, Orisbach, Frenke, and Ergolz.

Route plans & Planning table 2021
DistanceUphill   Downhill Startig timesTransition zonesRemarksGPX-file
15.9 km46 m53 m08:30Park im Grünen – Basel CityStartDownload
28.6 km52 m45 mfrom 08:50Basel City – Park im GrünenDownload
34.3 km38 m22 mfrom 09:20Park im Grünen – ArlesheimDownload
49.1 km578 m155 mfrom 09:35Arlesheim – GempenDownload
512.3 km149 m524 mfrom 10:15Gempen – LiestalDownload
64.5 km73 m23 m13:15Liestal – BubendorfMass start*Download
712.3 km378 m428 mfrom 13:30Bubendorf – LiestalDownload
88.4 km85 m128 mfrom 14:15Liestal – AugstDownload
910.2 km156 m163 mfrom 14:45Augst – MuttenzDownload
106.1 km40 m54 m16:00/from 16:15Muttenz – Park im GrünenChase start**Download

* Mass start: In order to bring the runner back together, all runners start together. At the chase start in the last stage, the teams in the first row start with their individual distances first, followed by a mass start with the rest of the teams.
** Chase start: At the chase start in the last stage, the teams in the first row start with their individual distances first. From 16:15: 3 teams start per minute.