General information

The 3rd SOLA Basel is cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. You can find more information on the home site.

The next SOLA Basel will take place on 5 June 2021. Closing date for registration is(tbd). Late registrations are possible until (tbd) for a surcharge of CHF 100 per team (Mini SOLA CHF 10). The starting numbers must must then be collected from the office (pluswert, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 3, Basel).

The relay race, covering a total of 80 kilometres is divided into 10 stages of 4.5 to 12 kilometres each. Start and finish area is located at ‘Park im Grünen’ in Münchenstein. Here you find the route information 2020.


Registration is via trackmaxx (as soon as the registration for SOLA Basel on 5 June 2021 opens, this will be linked here)

The instructions are included in our guidelines.

Registration deadline is (tbd). The team line-up can be changed online until (tbd). The team captain will receive the starter package by post 1-2 weeks before the race, including starting numbers, stickers for the clothes transport as well as plans of the routes and change zones.

Registration fee for a team starting place including 10 people is CHF 350 and for for studentteams (min. 6 students/team) CHF 250.

Late registrations are possible until 4 June 2020 for a surcharge of CHF 100 per team (Mini SOLA CHF 10). The starting numbers must must then be collected from the office (pluswert, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 3, Basel).

BaselLive Trophy







So that you can constantly discover the diversity of the region, there is the BaselLive Trophy: the first 50 runners who run three different routes in three years (2018, 2019, 2020) automatically take part and receive a 50 CHF “Pro Innerstadt Basel” voucher as a reward!

Chase start/ mass start


Mass start: In order to bring the runner back together, all runners start together. This is the case at 1.15 pm in Liestal.

At the chase start on the last stage in Muttenz the teams in the first row start with their individual distances first (5.15 pm), followed by a mass start with the remaining teams (5.25 pm).

Small mass start: If the given times (see “route schedules”) are exceeded, the organizer reserves the right to carry out a small mass start with all runners who have not yet started. In this case, reserve “time-measurement-numbers” are available in all transition zones.


A start at SOLA Basel offers you and your company a unique overall experience. We provide 3 starter packages for company-teams, from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Entrylists and results

Entrylist SOLA Basel 2020
Entrylist Mini SOLA 2020

On the race day the rankings are updated continuously and you can follow the top and the end of the race live on a map (link follows).

Here you can find the results of the last years.


First course (women)


Each team must comprise at least 3 female participants. It is the team’s responsibility to assign male and female runners to the individual stages. Only the first stage has to be run exclusively by women. SOLA Basel, therefore, starts with female runners.


In registering for SOLA Basel you agree to our guidelines. They are binding for all registered teams as well as for their male and female runners.

Medical / Emergency

At the top and at the end of each running field there are two mountain bikers equipped with mobile phones. In case of emergency they are the connection to the ambulance at the nearest transfer point. In addition, the mountain biker is accompanied by an emergency doctor all the time at the end.

In addition, the refreshment stations are equipped with radio. Every runner is obliged to help other runners in emergency situations. Where possible, help directly and report the emergency to the next SOLA helper. There is a Samaritan post at each handover point. In addition, four doctors from the crossklinik are on the move. Fill in the back of the race number with your personal details so that we can better look after you in an emergency. If you are not able to finish your course, inform the marshals or other runners and ask for help. Do not leave the track on your own initiative, but wait for alarmed helpers and doctors. At the latest the mountain biker at the end together with the emergency doctor can look after you accordingly.

Attention: The instructions of the organizing committee and the SOLA doctors must be followed.

Tips from the Doc
– Don’t do any drinking and nutrition experiments at SOLA.
– Drink another strong sip of a well-tolerated drink shortly before the start.
– On longer distances and in hot weather you should definitely start at the water and drink points. This is the only way to prevent overheating or loss of performance. If necessary, take your own drink with you on the route.

Danger no. 1: Heat stroke and sunstroke
If you saturate your body with liquid during the last days of training and drink 3 – 5 dl water just before the run, you have taken the most effective prevention against heat stroke and sunstroke. In addition, be sure to wear loose, weatherproof clothing and headgear on sunny days. If you get hit anyway, lie in the shade and cool your head and body with cold water. In any case, have your condition reported by fellow runners or track marshals present at the next transfer point.
After the competition
– Rest first from the effort.
– Now drink in quiet swallows.
– Put on dry clothes as soon as possible.

Do not run above your limit. SOLA should mean joy of running and not collapse!


The Mini SOLA is where kids can do their first steps into big SOLA Basel. Thanks to iMpuls, the health initiative of Migros the first 250 teams may participate for free.

Closing date for registration is (tbd) . Late registrations are possible for a late registration fee of CHF 10 until (tbd).


Organizational matters for participants


All participants from Basel-City and Basel-Country are offered free rides to and from this event. The ticket of the linked transport system ‘Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz (TNW)’ allows for a return trip within the TNW area on the day of the event. For reasons of space and sustainability, we kindly ask you not to travel by car to arrive at your start. The transitionzones are well connected to the public transport network.
Attention for the trip to the transition zone at Gempen (change route 4 to route 5) there are extra trips:

From Dornach, railway station: 09:42 a.m. and 10:42 a.m.
From Gempen, village: 10:02 a.m. and 11:02 a.m.

Details on how you get to your individual transition zones can be found under “route map“.

Clothes transport
We offer a clothing transport on the running day. The clothes to be transported must be stored in waterproof bags and backpacks. The bag (with zipper) must be provided with the tag sent to you for the transport of clothes and must be closed tightly. On the day of the run, take the bag to the “Abgabe Gepäck” area marked with a sign in your transition zone and load it there into the waiting Planzer transport vehicles. You can pick up your utensils at the next transition zone.

Please note: The clothing transport is at your own risk. The organizer assumes no liability for lost or damaged objects.

Locker room / showers / WC
Locker rooms and showers are available in all transition zones. In addition, “Toi Toi” toilets are located at all transition zones. In the “Park im Grünen” in the restaurant “Seegarten” there are locker rooms without showers. Lockerrooms with showers are located in the St.Jakobs complex in wing A/B, directly next to the soccerfields:



Lost and found
Items left lying around are transported to the information stand in the SOLA Dorf im Park im Grünen (Green 80) after the transition zone has been dismantled and can be picked up there until 10 pm. From Monday, May 27, finds can be collected at the SOLA office (St. Johanns-Vorstadt 3, 4056 Basel). Please give advance notice by telephone: +41 (0)61 261 40 81.




Route Informations

You can find all information about the route here.

Running Training 2020

The SOLA Basel team invites you to a joint running training session. The running trainings take place from April every second Monday and cost a total of 50.-/person (for participants of the previous SOLA Basel: 25.-/person). Here you can find the registration and the dates.

Run series 2020

The SOLA Basel is part of the SportXX running series. For every active participation in the SOLA Basel as well as 11 other running events in Switzerland you will be rewarded with a SportXX voucher worth CHF 20! You will receive the voucher together with your start number.


Teams taking part in the three SOLA relay races in Zurich, Basel and Winterthur can win prizes worth a total of CHF 10,000! Information about participation and prizes can be found here.

SOLA Village

The start and finish area in the “Park im Grünen” will be meeting point for young and old: Offers from our sponsors and partners, delicious food, games, animations and relaxation. Besides the “Hopp-la-Parcours” you will also find a Migros Photo Booth where you can take a team photo together. At the IWB booth you can win a Powerbank. And you can pick up your SOLA Basel Finisher present all day long with the coupon on your starting number.

SOLA Village program at the start and finish area (“Park im Grünen”)
08:30 Start SOLA Basel
11:30 – 14:00 Lunch (street food and pasta fun)
From 13:00 Attractions with slide castle, Hopp-la Parcours, sponsor tents with special offers
14:00 – 19:00 Massage tent from the crossklinik (free of charge)
14:00 – 15:30 Mini SOLA
16:00 – 16:30 Award ceremony Mini SOLA
16:00 – 22:00 Street food and pasta fun
17:25 – 18:15 Finish SOLA Basel
18:30 Award ceremony SOLA Basel
19:30 – 22:30 Live music

Start and finish area in the “Park im Grünen” with the SOLA Village




Both in organising and executing SOLA Basel we respect the environment and nature. This includes tangible objectives and actions in the areas of transport, materials, catering, waste management and social responsibility. In addition, a sustainability report is published annually.

Start numbers / timekeeping

All team members will receive a starting number. This is marked with the stage to run and has to be attached to the running shirt with four magnetic buttons at the front. In addition there are two “timekeeping numbers” per team (black, without talons on the side). These numbers are fixed on the start number band and worn around the stomach with the elastic band as in triathlon. This way you can quickly hand over the black “start number” in the transition zone. The timekeeping numbers serve as a “baton”, so to speak.

The timekeeping number for stages 1-5 is worn up to Liestal. The second timekeeping number is worn for the stages 6-9 from Liestal to Muttenz. The final runner has integrated the timing transponder directly into the green start number of stage 10. All start numbers, the elastic bands and the magnetic buttons be sent to the team captain per post. The time is measured via Trackmaxx.

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.





Example of start number band. The timekeeping numbers serve as a “baton”, so to speak.


Thanks to the cooperation with the Swiss Logo Factory you have the opportunity to choose individually printable running shirts via online-shop and have them delivered directly to your home.



Timetable SOLA Basel 2020

08:15 Welcome runners
08:30 Start SOLA Basel
08:45 – 09:15 Handover Theodorskirchplatz
09:20 – 10:25 Handover “Park im Grünen”
09:30 – 10:55 Handover Arlesheim
10:20 – 12:40 Handover Gems
10:55 First runners expected in Liestal
13:15 Restart Liestal*
13:30 – 13:55 Handover Bubendorf
14:15 – 15:40 Handover Liestal
14:45 – 16:45 Handover Augst
15:15 First runners expected in Muttenz
17:15/17:25 Chase/ mass start Muttenz*
17:25 – 18:15 Finish in the “Park im Grünen”
18:30 Award ceremony SOLA Basel

* In the transition zones Liestal and Muttenz, catering is now offered.

For the program in the start and finish area (“Park im Grünen”) see above under “SOLA Village”.

Volunteer @SOLABasel



Around 400 volunteers will be deployed at the SOLA Basel.  Without them, a successful event is not possible. Do you want to contribute to the SOLA Basel? Then register here as a volunteer!

Why "SOLA"

What does “SOLA” actually mean and how did the SOLA Stafette come into being? Answers to these and other questions about the history of SOLA Stafette can be found here 🙂