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Competition rules

In registering for SOLA Basel you agree with our guidelines:

1 Promoter of SOLA Basel is the ‘Verein SOLA Basel’.

2 Each team comprises 10 or 5 runners. At least 3 of them must be female runners. In case of teams of 5 runners at least 2 of them must be female runners. For the team with 10 runners it is mandatory that the first stage be run by a female runner (for teams of 5 it doesn’t matter). Each male and female runner is allowed to run one stage only unless she/he runs in a second team or as an chaperon (see minimum age).
Minimum age: 15 years. 10-14 year olds accompanied by an adult.
Teams are considered student teams (university, polytechnic, university of applied science) if they include at least 6 enrolled students respective at least 3 students within a team of 5 runners.
The Mini SOLA for children and adolescents consists of 6 stages.

3 The event takes place according to the categories outlined in the official announcement.

4 Contest: The bib number is not to be folded and must be worn on the chest area. It is to be visible at all times. If a bib number used is not one pertaining to the corresponding stage the team will not be ranked. (Ex.: A female runner performing stage 1 wears a bib number for stage 3). Runners with a bib number not assigned to the regular contest and who stay on the stage and around measuring points where baton changes take place might cause measuring errors. The latter may lead to incorrect results in the sub rankings and failure to rank individual participants.
Incorrect baton changes as well as unsporting behaviour will entail disqualification.

5 Track marshals: The orders of track marshals must be followed. Escort vehicles (including bicycles) are not permitted, as are taking shortcuts and the use of unauthorised aids. The organising committee shall have the ultimate decision on disqualifications.

6 Medical service: First aid posts all along the run and at finish will ensure proper medical service. Medical service is allowed to temporarily or completely exclude ailing participants from the run. Depending on climatic conditions, medical service may arrange further measures (e.g. cooling down along the run).

7 Catering: There will be four refreshment stations along the run – and one at finish – supplying water.

8 Build-up and sports medicine screening: Runners participating in SOLA Basel and Mini SOLA, respectively, do so at their own responsibility and risk. The promoter will not assume any responsibility in the event of accidents or ailments. The promoter recommends each participant to thoroughly prepare for this run for a due period and have his or her state of health medically checked. Applicants suffering from a febrile disease in the week before the run are advised to refrain from participating.

9 Prizes: As soon as the prizes are known they will be listed here (or on the following website: www.solabasel.ch).

10 Insurance: Insurance is the participants’ responsibility. The promoter shall accept no liability for risks of any kind (e.g. accident, illness or theft).

11 Starting list: The starting list is available on Trackmaxx.ch.

12 Ranking list: As of Saturday evening all official ranking lists are posted under www.solabasel.ch.

13 Mass starts and maximum times: Mass starts can be arranged at each transition zone so as to avoid undue lengthening of the field. The maximum times for the individual stages will be listed on the website www.solabasel.ch.

14 The interpretation of the guidelines is the promoter’s responsibility. Each participant starts at his or her own responsibility and risk. Teams and participants unable to attend the event for any reason whatsoever will not be refunded the entry fee. Upon online registration applicants may take out an insurance of cancellation charges. Likewise, refunds are excluded in case the event can not take place for reasons of safety or force majeure.

15 A broom waggon follows the last runners. Its directions must be observed.

16 Participants agree that photographs and footage from the event may be used for illustration purposes on ranking lists, internet pages as well as other PR purposes of both the promoter and third parties. By registering, participants agree with their name, place of residence and in particular their age group being published by the promoter or third parties in printed form or electronically in official starting/ ranking lists. Their consent is required for participation. Participants are entitled to prohibit the use of their data at any time.

17 SOLA Basel adheres to the current anti-doping statute as issued by Swiss Olympic. Dope tests may be performed. Male and female athletes attending the event comply with Swiss Olympic’s anti-doping rules and acknowledge the exclusive authority of Swiss Olympic’s disciplinary commission for doping cases as well as of the ‘Tribunal Arbitral du Sport’ in Lausanne under exclusion of ordinary legal proceedings.

18 Changes and organisational measures: Whenever possible, the promoter shall announce last-minute changes or organisational measures before the event starts. Such changes are binding. Instructions by the promoter must be followed. In case of non-compliant behaviour – including during the run – that disrupts the orderly completion of the event or endangers the safety of the participant him-/ herself and that of the other participants the promoter shall be at any time entitled to remove such participant from the event and/ or to disqualify him or her.

The German version of these guidelines is authoritative.
Last updated: 07.10.2022