For runners by runners

The SOLA Basel Organising Team is made up of runners of all kinds. Whether orienteer, triathlete, medium and long distance runner, mountaineer or classic jogger – the SOLA connects!


Gabriel Lombriser

I am a multisport person who has taken his hobby into a profession. I work as a product manager with running COACH. Besides, I organise training weekends and training weeks, which give me a chance to actively share my passion for running. I have gathered my event-related experience as a member of the race organisation for ‘10 Meilen Laufen’.

Vice-chairman & Staff

David Llaneza

As a triathlete running sports belong to my favourite discipline – be it an intense running interval with my colleagues at LC Basel or a short lap in the evening in the nature. For my part in SOLA Basel both the experience I gathered during my competitive days and my professional background as a Human Resources Manager prove an enrichment.

Mini SOLA & SOLA Village

Nadine Rietmann

In the past I used to do track and field almost daily – both as an athlete and a coach. My first experience with events I gathered at the European Championships in Athletics in 2014 where I was in charge of volunteers. For three years I’ve been managing the Weltklasse Zürich project called ‘UBS Kids Cup Team’.


Michael Granacher

Running has been part of my life for many years. As an orienteering runner and multi-sport athlete I am outdoors at all times of the year – in the mountains, on narrow paths or right through the forest. At SOLA Basel, I make sure that the course is beautiful and safe, so I can pass on my enthusiasm for running.


Logistics & Infrastructure

Nicolas Roditscheff

I like to let my evenings fade away on the
LC Basel racetrack, in the forest or with the Birsfelden Fire Brigade. I would like to inspire many single runners with this fantastic team event across Basel-City and Basel-Country and share with them my running experience across our region.


Ludwig Ruder

Running has played an important role in my life for over ten years. I am an active track runner and during winter months I also participate in road and cross-country runs. SOLA Basel offers me the opportunity to shape a running event according to my own ideas, where team spirit, the experience of nature and fun come together.


Nikolaus Wohlgemuth

Running is for me an important balance to the profession and creates the basic condition for my mountain, ski and bike tours. When participating in many a mountain run and also at the SOLA in Zurich, I was able to witness what makes well-organized events. Of course, such leisure events should take place with the least possible environmental impact. I commit to realise that.


Christina Reichelt

For many years I have been active as a track and field athlete on the track but also on road races. For me running is on the one hand a sport, but on the other hand it is also a place to meet people and have fun. To start together at a run welds together and is a very special experience. In order to make this possible, I support the SOLA team in the design of the supporting programme.

Social Media

Antonia Ruder

Running is an important part of my life. Training at the LC Basel after school helps me to balance the stress of school. I use social media myself every day, so this is a perfect job for me! I like to bring in new social media ideas that I know from my experiences with my peers.

Online communication

Denis Sorie

My experience as a runner and my great interest in event organisation can be ideally combined with SOLA Basel. I am in charge of the various social media channels, plan, create and send out newsletters and maintain the website. I also support the office in various other tasks.

Administration, Graphic Design & Communication

Iris Staudecker

I love nature, mountains and sports. Especially the Basel Jura is close to my heart, where I have climbed some of the finest routes. I communicate, organize or design for SOLA Basel. I write agenda and minutes and coordinate between the organisation fields. This makes a lot of fun in such a sporty team.

Sponsoring, Partner & Media

Stefan Kausch

I do not run but jogging! Otherwise, I like to do sports and water sports. At SOLA Basel, I take care of all the concerns of the “stakeholders”. To start a race on this scale is a great motivation. Event experience: 15 years OK Across Basel, Head of Gigathlon Basel 2005 and 2007.